residential undergraduate campaign

When enrollment plummeted by 46% from one year to the next, the communications team had a Herculean task ahead of them: to recruit 300 undergraduate residential students to keep the university solvent. In sixteen working days, we created the viewbook that would be the foundational document for the campaign. At break-neck pace, we built a robust campaign with everything from new recruitment fair materials and website to game-ifying the campus visit experience, and rebuilt a crumbling brand. What resulted? An incoming class of 428 students, the highest in Mary Baldwin history. This year has continued to track with last year, with an incoming class of 451 students, a new record. Many things contributed to the success of this campaign, such as collaboration across our team and with admissions, a clear creative vision, charismatic design, and authentic storytelling.


THE VIEWBOOK THAT COULD: This year we updated this book for its third and final recruitment season. The first iteration of it looked pretty similar, but we had to use some creative collage techniques and purchased stock photos where we didn’t have the content we needed to tell the story we knew was really there. This book was all about polishing the gems that Mary Baldwin already had: a beautiful hilly vista, a diverse community, and an intimate family-like vibe. It was absolutely incredible to see this book recruit students who then brought our vision for campus to life. This year we were finally able to replace a lot of the photos we didn’t love in the first edition, with photos we do.

AWARD: AMA EMMA Excellence in Campaign, 2019

supporting campaign collateral



invest for impact infographic

AN INFOGRAPHIC WORTH MILLIONS: Fundraising was suffering due to Mary Baldwin’s identity crisis and the development office found themselves struggling for ways to describe the evolution of the institution that so many had lost faith in. The president wanted a graphic that showed how growth and expansion had been a part of the Mary Baldwin DNA since long before the recent decision to go co-ed. In an animated session with the president and the vice president for Integrated Communications, we batted around scores of questions like, “Is the mission of the university the soil or the atmosphere?” until we had a messy whiteboard and a clear idea. When I completed the infographic (nicknamed “Hawaii”), the president took it to Mary Baldwin’s biggest donor, a donor who said she lost faith in the school when it went co-ed. A donor who said her recent gift had been her last gift. At the end of their conversation, the donor left Mary Baldwin a bequest for $25 million dollars, which will double the school’s endowment.

AWARD: CASE Special Merit Award